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25/10/2018 11:41

In the context of the “We are together” program, the members of the “Elderly Man’s” Club and teenagers spent time together in open air.

The theory of generations proves that we are all different. Things that are in common for one generation will be rejected by another generation. We proved the opposite not only by discussing at the table but by doing good deeds together.

Volunteers organized a rich program for all participants of the seminar:

  • Boker Tov – morning exercises to be strong and cheerful;
  • Master-class “Boys and girls, as well as grandparents” – the participants created a whole gallery of generations with their own hands;
  • Lecture-conversation “Theory of Generations” with a mini master class for older people arranged by teenagers. The guys of the teenage club held a mini-master-class called “Using a smartphone is easy!” and explained how to use the latest mobile phone technology;
  • Discussion at the teenage club “I am a volunteer!”, – the guys talked about the importance of interaction with the elderly;
  • Boating, playing “Towns”, playing with a ball in the water, watching and discussing an evening film – all participants enjoyed the Eco-Seminar.

The goal of the program “We are together” is to unite people from different generations, to give a sense of necessity and care to older people, and a sense of importance and responsibility – to the youth.