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21/07/2018 20:40

In September, participants of all programs of the Mykolaiv Jewish Culture Society honor the memory of the Jews of Mykolayiv region, who were killed by Nazis in 1941. It has become a tradition to visit places of mass execution in the territory of our region – villages Dobre, Plyushchevka (Bashtanka region), village Novopoltavka (Novyi Buh region). On September 10, there was held memorials in the village Novopoltavka, dedicated to the memory of the Jews of this village who were murdered by the fascists on September 10, 1941.

The meeting was attended by members of the Mykolaiv Jewish community, volunteers of Mykolayiv Volunteer Community, head of the village council, activists and pupils of the village. After the speech on the inadmissibility of fascism and remembrance of those who died and, there was said a memorial prayer and there was held a lesson of Memory for teenagers and youth.