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24/10/2018 09:11

On September 15, 2018 there was held World Cleanup Day!

Every year people from the whole world from over 150 countries, put all their problems aside on this day and pay attention to the environment, doing a cleanup of their cities and countries!

The Mykolaiv Volunteer Center carried out the “Let’s do it, Ukraine” action!

We decided to clean up the territory of the secondary school №20 and the forest area nearby, where pupils have such lessons as “Basics of Health” and “Natural Science”.

And we did not only a cleanup … We decided to combine the pleasant with the useful!

We set two tasks for the volunteers:

– to collect all the things that, in their view, should not be in the forest zone;

– to sort the garbage, i.e. determine what it is made of and collect identical things in trash bags.

For several hours, our activists had been doing a cleanup of a place of 5 ha and collected 20 bags of garbage. This was about 220-240 kg. The guys did their best! Despite the bad weather, we manged to put things in order! We have much to be proud of!