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24/10/2018 10:22

The “We are together” Program; the “Memory” project.

The month of September for us is the month of Memory, the month of executions of the Jews of the Mykolaiv region by the fascist invaders. Traditional visits to the graves of the Holocaust victims reached Voskresensk village, where almost all Jews of the city died (more than 8000 people), and Bogdanovka village, where more than 54,000 Jews were shot during the Second World War. The participants of Mykolayiv Volunteer Center gathered people of all ages – from the youngest to the oldest – in order to pay tribute to the memory of those who perished and to clean up monuments. And the memories of those people, who survived this tragedy and escaped by a miracle during these events, will be transferred from generation to generation and kept in memory. In addition, the volunteers put things in order at the memorable places, laid flowers and lit candles in memory of the Jews who were killed. There was organized a meeting, dedicated to those terrible events, by volunteers of the Mykolayiv Volunteer Community. We also collected and brought stationery sets and board games to the pupils of Bogdanovsk school and we gave all these presents to Alexey Vladimirovich, director of the school. This was not just a trip to memorable places … These are Memory lessons, which should be remembered by all people living on Earth so that this NEVER happens AGAIN!