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01/03/2016 09:54

17 February, the Club of elder people from Kherson’s Hèseda visited NOEC.
Galina Romanenko, the director of the Nikolaev club of the elder people, met the guests and told them about various work of the Nikolaev community of the Jewish culture.
And then, especially for the visitors it was presented the new play of the Theatrical Studio NOEC and the Volunteer from the Volunteer Center, based on the play by the Jewish author Efim Smolin “Fed up with Pears».

херсон в гостях (4) херсон в гостях (3) херсон в гостях (2) херсон в гостях (1)
Kherson visitor knows the plays of the Theatrical Studio NOEC, because the last year our young artists brought to Kherson the musical “My Kosher Lady”, and the visitors remembered the joyful and talented performance.