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21/07/2018 20:09

Week of Good Deeds! What was it like?


Mykolayiv Volunteer Community visited wards of a nursing home (Nikolaev Geriatric Boarding House for lonely elderly people and people with disabilities). There was held a magical concert, everyone had a festive mood and received many other surprises! Wards of boarding house were pleased with the performance of children, so that they cried and smiled … These were tears of joy!

Participants in the “Wings of Kindness” project cooked meals for the Geriatric Boarding House and Rehabilitation Center. Then the volunteers visited the city rehabilitation center for disabled children “Hope” (ru: “Nadezhda”) and held a master class. Children both created interesting handmade crafts as well as shared their smiles and emotions with the volunteers. The teachers and visitors of the center were grateful to volunteers. Such meetings are extremely necessary and important for everyone!

All volunteers, from young to old, took part in the Fair of Good. The lots which were presented at the fair are handmade by our community. Collected funds were used by Mykolayiv Volunteer Community in order to purchase necessary things for infant home and the Geriatric Boarding House.

In addition, volunteers went to the memorable places of the mass burial of the Jews during the Second World War. Participants cleaned up the place around the memorial sign and took away fallen twigs.

During this wonderful week there were organized cooking meetings, too. Coordinators of the Volunteer Center met with participants of the cooking project “Beteavon” and arranged a “tasty” entertainment show! Our culinary experts are able not only to cook, but also know everything about traditional dishes. It was these dishes that were served at the festive table for the Independence Day of Israel.

In addition to the planned volunteer actions, our family volunteers did a great number of good deeds: they helped large families with clothing and basic necessities, cleaned up the eco-zone and cared about its  greening.

In total in the Week of Good Deeds took part the following people:

– Coordinators of Mykolayiv Volunteer Community;

– Volunteers (about 150 people);

– partners of the volunteer center and people who sincerely assisted with transport and in organization of some mass events.

Mykolayiv Volunteer Community is very grateful to everyone who takes an active part in volunteering. Thank you for your kindness and care!